Your right as an American to be comfortable all the time is under attack.

What if our butts look especially good in them? (Thinkstock)

Surprise, surprise: a man is trying to restrict the right of women (and men too) to dress however they like.

Montana State Representative David Moore (R) introduced a bill that would make it illegal for people to wear clothing he deems indecent. This includes: "any nipple exposure, including men's, and any garment that 'gives the appearance or simulates' a person's buttocks, genitals, pelvic area or female nipple."

"Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway," Moore told reporters.

Moore's pelvic-area-simulating tighty whities are in a bunch because this summer, a group organized a bicycle event where people rode nude through downtown Missoula. I'm sure this event came as a shock, especially because who knew so many people lived in Montana? But his reaction is madness.

Sources: Billings Gazette