Truth bomb: I didn't think Ariana Grande was for me.

(screengrab via YouTube)

I'm a grown-ass married woman. I plan meals and put them on a shared family calendar. I contribute up to the match on my 401K. Ariana Grande is for an entirely different demo. One that doesn't find her cat ears so off-putting.

But folks, Ariana Grande has gone and DONE IT. Here are 8 reasons I now love Ariana Grande:

1. Here she is singing “I Have Nothing," atop a grand piano. David Foster is accompanying her, and she is hitting every note like a GODDESS.

2. Pack it in, haters. Ariana Grande is a GD pro. At this moment, Whitney Houston is looking down on all of us from Heaven and blessing us. Wait. We should probably just watch it again, so we all get how great it is.

Sources: FateEnviesUs on YouTube