Welcome to This Week in GOOP, where even Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar eats better than you do.

First up, we visit the Beverly Hills studio known as Striiike, owned by three sisters who comprise “the perfect beauty triumvirate"—one does hair, one does makeup, and one does brows. Together, they specialize in “editorial mini-makeovers," which is fancy-lady speak for “they'll touch up your hair and makeup if you're going out after work."

For $100, you can have their famous 15-minute Lightning Striiike, wherein all three sisters will set upon you like a super-glam NASCAR pit crew before shoving you back out onto the racetrack of life. (I'm good at metaphors, you guys.)

Or for a higher, unspecified price, the sisters will do a “day to night" transformation, which, by the look of things, turned this adorable GOOP staffer into a Jane Austen character. Aces.

Sources: GOOP