Welcome to This Week in GOOP, where Gwyneth Paltrow generously shares her love of the good life with everyone because she's selfless in ways you cannot possibly understand, you commoner.

First up: Someone who makes actual American money taking photos of your aura, aka “the electromagnetic field surrounding the body." Apparently, there are about 100 cameras in existence that can capture this “radiant energy" using “silver-laced hand sensors that sit in your lap" and every color means something different and oh my god there isn't a word in that sentence that doesn't already have tickets to this year's Burning Man festival.

Anyway, here are the shots the photographer took of the GOOP staff using the magical mystical camera. Note Gwyneth is the only one with a yellow aura, which supposedly means she's easygoing, expansive and creative. LOL at “easygoing."

Sources: GOOP