All the single ladies (all the single ladies), put your hands not holding a drink up. (via Imgur)

Who needs the promise of getting married next when you could be getting drunk first?

Redditor quadyqua (cleverly outed as "Robin") came out as a being in love with her pink-as-hell cocktail today when she posted this picture of her attempt to catch the bouquet with the title "You can tell where my priorities lie."

You can tell which one Robin is by her complete disinterest in complying with matrimonial mandates.

I'm not sure why people still do the bouquet toss. Beyond its archaic implication that getting married is the best thing that could possibly happen to a woman, and now that their bride friend has finally gone off the market, her less desirable friends have a chance, it's just... dumb. Yeah, men do the garter toss, but less frequently, and it usually feels like it has less to do with committed love and more to do with "this is a good opportunity to bang the desperate chick who caught the bouquet."