'The Smurfs' cartoon has really changed since George R.R. Martin came onboard as a creative consultant.

Something something Blue Wedding something.

Did the world need a Game of Thrones/Smurfs mash-up parody? I don't know. Is society better for now having it? I suspect not. Did I take some perverse pleasure in watching a field of Smurf soldiers massacring one another? Yes, I do believe I did. Was I oddly aroused when Smurfette's boobs popped out at the very end? No comment.

On the whole, this parody is almost as disturbing as that one actual episode in which a virus turns the entire Smurf village into a mindless horde of violet-skinned cannibalistic maniacs. Almost, but not quite. This the full episode of "Purple Smurfs," but I have it set up to begin when things start getting creepy:

Sources: Animation Domination | h/t Laughing Squid