Pop quiz: who cares? UH, EVERYONE.

How invested in The Mother of Dragons are you? If you met her at a party, would you be able to impress her with tidbits about Valyrian history, like how her entire civilization was swept into the sea even before the Targaryens thought of conquering Westeros?

Well, here's your chance to brush-up. These official Game of Thrones history lessons were produced for that very expensive Blu-ray you didn't buy. The mini-docs treat the boobtastic fantasies of George R.R. Martin as facts, with serious illustrations and formal voice-over work by Viserys Targaryen. The actor's name is Harry Lloyd, if that even means anything. You can really see the places where the story doesn't quite hold up, like, "Something happened here, we don't even know what, but it was a big deal!"

Sources: The AV Club