There's another member of House Targaryen.

On Set ! !!!! Rosie Mac Official Daenerys Double for #GameOfThrones Season 5 <3 Popcorn Time !! :D #TheWinterIsComing
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It's expected that a body double would have some resemblance to the person they stand in for, but there are variations on how successful stand-ins are. Lord knows, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer could be pretty distracting during fight scenes, as they cut from petite Sarah-Michelle Gellar to one of her muscular butt-kicking stunt ladies.

Actress Rosie Mac, the new body double for Ms. Stormborn, is no body builder in a wig. She could be Emilia Clarke's long-lost twin! As we've seen recently, it's surprisingly common for another person to have your face, yet it never gets less unsettling. 2015 is the year for finding your twinsie, guys, be on the look-out.

Sources: Instagram | h/t Mashable