While promoting her new movie on "The Tonight Show," Kristen Wiig decided to be The Mother of Dragons, for some reason.

It's immediately obvious that Kristen Wiig has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones or read any of the books or maybe even walked through the fantasy section of her local bookstore. She sticks with her bizarre ideas about the Queen of Mereen (question: does Khaleesi have too many names?) throughout the bit, even answering some questions kind of correctly through guessing. For instance, when Jimmy Fallon asks her favorite food, she answers, "Meat." That sounds true.

It culminates with Fallon insisting she sing her hit song, "Wonderful wonderful wonderful." You can tell Wiig senses something not quite right about the set-up, but she nails her imaginary song anyway! Why can't things just be wonderful?

Sources: The Tonight Show | h/t Mashable