This parody video walks us through the logic of trying to have safe sex in Westeros.

Condoms are great. You can use them to keep you and your partner safe from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. A responsible person always brings condoms to a sexual encounter.

Game of Thrones is almost non-stop sexual encounters, but you would never think about anyone on that show using protection of any kind, besides a crossbow. The writers of The Shorts Show decided to address the issue and invented Westerojans, Valyrian sheepskin condoms. With sensations of ice AND fire.

There are so many magical problems to navigate in the seven kingdoms. Not to get too explicit, but some people's special places are too hot and some are too cold. Some people have been impregnated by evil forces. Some are just plain bastards, which a condom would have prevented. Bottom line: protect yourself or you'll never take the throne.

Sources: The Shorts Show | h/t The AV Club