Pirated versions of the first four episodes began floating around the world wide web Saturday night.

The current mood of Game of Thrones creator Greg Spence. (via HBO)

On the eve of HBO's April 12 premiere, the first four episodes of Season 5 began popping up on illegal torrent sites. The news is causing both fans of the show, and the show's creator Greg Spence, to freak out for very different reasons.

The leaked episodes were most likely uploaded from a screener, meaning someone who was entrusted with these valuable, holy, un-aired episodes totally abused their power. It sounds like a sub-plot in a modern version of Game of Thrones.

If you are perfectly fine with illegally downloading copyrighted material, go ahead and cancel your plans tonight. There's a bunch of pirated tv to watch. In case you need to get caught up, here is the most important moment of Season 4.

Sources: mashable