Dinner is coming! (Via imgur)

As if being a chemical engineer by day isn't enough, Rachel Howden's hobby is preparing massive Game of Thrones-inspired feasts. She does them for season premieres, season finales, and those special event episodes.

These feasts are kingly, queenly, and a very, very big deal.

I wrote to Howden to ask what inspired her to do this, besides a love of both fantasy television and roasted meats. She said that at first she started making recipes out of The Feast of Ice and Fire, a Games of Thrones-inspired cookbook officially sanctioned by George R.R. Martin. The feasts became events unto themselves, and a nice way to enjoy the show with her boyfriend and friends. “Last year the feasts had themes where the food was cooked, based on what people might eat in different regions, e.g., The Wall of Dorne or King's Landing."

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