If you've never seen 12 Angry Men, you're a terrible American and know nothing about film. If you don't think Amy Schumer is hot enough to be on TV, you're kind of a piece of shit for even asking the question.

This isn't going to win me any converts among the commenters who accuse me of being a feminazi collaborator on a regular basis, but this 12 Angry Men parody about Amy Schumer's fuckability made me feel really good about the state of comedy, public discourse, and the future of humanity in general. 12 Angry Men is one of those few films that makes you think both "wow, people are garbage" and "y'know what, maybe these hairless monkeys have a shot at this democracy thing after all."

The fact that Schumer dedicated AN ENTIRE EPISODE to this—I repeat, the entire episode is a parody of the classic 1957 Sidney Lumet film in which this star-studded cast (yes, that's Paul Giamatti and Jeff Goldblum) argues about whether Amy Schumer is pretty enough to be turned into pixels and blasted over the airwaves—makes me feel the same way. You should go watch it, or if you don't have time, check out some of these other amazing sketches that have made waves in the past few weeks: