BuzzFeed had three men wear bras for a week and documented their experiences.

He's just now realizing what the next week is going to be like. (via BuzzFeed)

Their experiences can be summed up in one word: pain.

The experiment starts with the men being fit for bras by a self-proclaimed "bra expert." She explains the different types of bras and their functions before sending the men on their journey with undergarments in tow.

As the first few days go by, they start to feel the discomfort, gradually realizing how much it hurts and how awkward it is to do everyday activities while wearing a boob case. By the end of the week, they definitely have a newfound respect for the women who have to suffer through this everyday. (But maybe it will inspire a few men to do the opposite and saddle up with some new undergarments.)

Sources: Buzzfeed