Channing Tatum did his best worst Elvis impression and pranked some unsuspecting and very lucky people in an elevator all to raise money for (RED), an organization that fights AIDS.

At first, the prank seemed to be that people were stuck riding the elevator with a wacky Elvis impersonator who doesn't know any of his own songs, but the real twist was that under that bedazzled jumpsuit lies a-hunk-a-hunk-a Channing Tatum.

After thoroughly embarrassing his prankees in the elevator, Tatum lead them upstairs to a Vegas themed party where they were greeted by a bunch of shirtless breakdancers. Tatum then shocked them all when he removed that awful wig to reveal that he has been a hot A-lister all along. Sneaky!


In their defense, it is hard to recognize him with his shirt on.

The event was organized by Omaze, and they are raffling off a chance to party with Channing Tatum himself. No word if he will be dressed as Elvis, though.