This is both good advice on how to fight a ticket and terrible advice on how to deal with people in general.

Apparently, extended presentations on your success in evading parking tickets is a popular form of television entertainment in Britain. Actually, this is from 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, which is a mash-up of a popular comedy panel show and a popular game show from across the Pond hosted by Jimmy Carr, which is all way too confusingly British. In the middle of all that, there's a part called Dictionary Corner which has nothing to do with dictionaries and is just sort of a palate cleanser involving a funny segment. I kind of wish I'd never looked this up and had kept my perception that UK TV has a program devoted to banal but hilarious anecdotes of comedians' interactions with low-ranking bureaucrats. This would be fine by me, because comedian Joe Lycett's tale of fighting the man in Manchester really buttered my parsnip. Here's the official full video of this episode:

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