We're all used to seeing Donald Trump's big, grimacing face on American late night shows and every other comedy platform in the states, but if you've ever wondered if Trump's just as mockable overseas—guess what? He is!

One Dutch satire show, Zondag met Lubach, hosted by Dutch comic Arjen Lubach, took on Trump's "America First" proclamation by making a convincing case for "Netherlands Second."

The video's narrated in that instantly recognizable Trump style, and contains some serious inside jokes that you'll probably understand anyway. Do the Netherlands really have a Pony Park? Wow. Looks like they're great already.


"We built an entire ocean, okay, an entire ocean between us and Mexico. Nobody builds oceans better than we do."

America invented stand up comedy, and now we're exporting Trump comedy, which almost makes this entire political circus worth it, wouldn't you say? You're welcome, world.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed