Prom season is upon us, which means that we are going to have to endure several months of viral "promposal" photos and videos, a.k.a. teens asking each other to prom in ways that are more elaborate than most proposals.

Although there have been some pretty horrific promposals in the past, like the ones that can be read about here, James Corden swears that he has found the worst of them all.

Around the 2:12 mark in the video below, Corden begins discussing a high school boy from Georgia who staged a fake drug bust with the help of local police in order to get a girl to go to prom with him.


"Look, this is a family show and I would never usually say this, but f*ck this kid," remarked Corden of the boy who completed his over-the-top promposal with a sign that read 'Say yes or you're under arrest.' Just what every girl dreams of!

Hey teens! Ever try just asking in a sweet and simple way? It works. Ask all the generations of prom-goers that came before you.

Corden later joked, "In my day, school dances were a simple affair. Everyone said no, and I stayed home. It was simple!"


Welp. That works, too.