This sketch sad and hilarious.

Finally talking about something that actually matters. (via YouTube)

Key & Peele have dropped quite a sketch comedy bomb. They take on the issues of overpaid athletes and underpaid teachers by mocking Sports Center with a show called Teaching Center. This show takes place in a world where teachers are millionaires, lauded for their difficult jobs and superior skills, and are traded and drafted like pro athletes. It begins with a flash to a teacher announcing her decision to move to another city, complete with pay stats and contract details:

The price of shaping tomorrow's leaders. (via YouTube)

Next, there's a draft, where the school with the worst test scores gets to make the first pick for a teacher. Of the newly drafted teacher, the hosts say, "and just like that, you're a millionaire... His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro football player... You know he's gonna buy his mom a house!"

The coverage of a teacher in her classroom is treated like a play-by-play of a basketball or football game (I don't know which one, I hate sports).

The sketch ends with a car commercial ad, which is somehow the best part (I'm just warning you so you don't think it's over):


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