"You can eat a whole grape, right? I told my friends they could watch you eat a grape."

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is mostly a shell, but the adorable and bizarre animated creature voiced by Jenny Slate is also a YouTube phenomenon (and NYTimes bestseller). Marcel's first video, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, has over 23 million views since it was released in October 2010, and Marcel The Shell With Shoes Two has over 8 million. The videos cast Marcel as the star of a documentary with an unseen director (voiced by director and co-writer Dean Fleischer-Camp) talking to him off camera. He's tiny and there are a lot (a lot) of odd facts about how he lives his tiny little life, and he's very, very eager to share it. He also wants to show off to his friends that he's friends with huge people capable of eating an entire grape.

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