Back in 2007, the internet was rocked by one of the biggest smash-hit viral videos of all time: The Landlord. This two-minute masterpiece, created by Will Ferrell and Anchorman director Adam McKay with no budget, was the first creation of Funny or Die, and put that site on the map as a major player in the brand-new field of internet video. It also got an entire generation saying, "I want my money, b*tch," to each other for years.


McKay's two-year-old daughter Pearl, who starred as the eponymous landlord, was an immediate worldwide sensation. But her parents decided to turn down the acting offers so she could have a normal childhood (or as normal as possible once everyone on the internet has heard you talk about getting your drink on).

Now, ten years later, the 12-year-old Pearl has publicly resurfaced with an exclusive interview in Vice.

Pearl answered all of Vice's questions with all the grace and charm her landlord character lacked. Although she obviously doesn't remember making the video, she does have childhood memories of people being starstruck by her internet fame. A hairdresser even asked her to sign a hairbrush once.


But her best answers came when she was asked for her opinions on comedy. Vice asked her how she thinks comedy has changed since The Landlord came out, and she responded:

Today, I think all the social medias have different types of humor. Awhile ago adults would go, "Oh, a two-year-old swearing, that's hilarious," but now I think that would only appeal to maybe a nine-year-old. I don't really find it funny.

Also, grownups will find humor on stuff like The Walking Dead. Anything my parents like they'll find something funny about it. I don't know how they do it. My mom will be like, "Breaking Bad, that's such a funny show. I love it." But it's actually not such a funny show.


She also managed to inadvertently throw shade on her famous dad's work as only a 12-year-old can. When asked what makes her laugh the most, she said, "I like BuzzFeed a lot. I mostly watch that." Pretty harsh, considering her dad is the founder of Funny or Die.

Just to hammer home the humiliation, she was asked what advice she would give to her father for his future films.

He should do more comedy projects. My favorite movies of his are Anchorman and stuff. The Big Short was boring. It's probably a good movie but I kind of fell asleep during it. It's not really for 12-year-olds.


Maybe 'Pearl the Landlord' wasn't such a character after all. This kid is savage.

Head over to Vice to check out the full interview.

Sources: Vice