About 12 hours after Donald Trump's contentious, intense press conference, The Daily Show aired and Trevor Noah attempted to translate it into jokes.

In particular, Trump's shouting match with CNN's Jim Acosta disturbed Noah. Trump refused to let Acosta ask a question, denouncing his network as "fake news."

"Welcome to the next four years," said Noah, and you could feel the audience grimace. "That was one of the most frightening moments of today's presser for me... the press is supposed to be a check on the president, not the other way around."


"This is essentially the first step in the authoritarian tango."

Isn't that funny? Wait though, there also were jokes.

Noah turned what was to him a nightmare scenario into comedy when he imagined the press after years of President Trump shouting them into submission.

"Breaking news: Has Donald Trump been working out?"

Watch the full clip above, it's funny. Really.