The night before Donald Trump receives the nuclear codes, Trevor Noah took a look at a Donald Trump tweet. You may have already forgotten it. On Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted a picture of himself writing his inaugural address.

MSNBC noticed something funny about the photo—um, is he writing with a sharpie? On the first page of an brand new legal pad? At the Mar-a-Lago receptionist desk?

"I'd believe it more if it was Trump tweeting his address," said Trevor Noah. "By the way," he continued, throwing to a photo of Trump holding a massive cell phone. "That's an iPhone it just looks big in his hands."


But Noah's point wasn't to rehash truths about the "short-fingered vulgarian." It's that Trump wasn't "lying" in that clearly staged photo of him not-really writing his inaugural address. "It's not a lie, it's an ad."

"America, you have to get used to the fact that you've elected a reality star president. And you should know a publicity still when you see one. Donald Trump was just promoting tomorrow's premiere of the 45th season of the TV show, President."

"It's also the final season by the way, but that's a separate subject."


Watch the short clip below and see how Trump's by no means the only leader on the world stage to use this technique.