After all this time, it's easy to forget that Jerry almost always talks you into bad situations.

Jerry Seinfeld has been on the Internet a lot lately, whether it's for mocking the advertising industry while accepting an advertising award, or in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and although I usually enjoy these endeavors, it's an amused, respectful enjoyment. This made me actually make involuntary laughing noises from my mouth. And I think that Wale is actually the funniest part of this video, even though Seinfeld is also actually bringing his A (or at least A-) game.

Last year, Wale failed to make Complex's list of top 50 albums of 2013. He decided to express his feelings in a voicemail to company headquarters that went viral shortly thereafter. Like many people who do boneheaded things in the heat of the moment, many were wondering what the hell he was thinking before acting in such a manner. Well, now we know: he was being egged on by his irresponsible friend, Jerry Seinfeld.

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