10 calming and adorable videos to show your family when they start to fight on Thanksgiving.

10 calming and adorable videos to show your family when they start to fight on Thanksgiving.

The problem with Thanksgiving is that it's too long. Seeing your family is great for an hour, but after the small talk runs out, things can quickly devolve into politics and passive-aggressive claptrap. When the shit hits the fan with your family this Thanksgiving, diffuse the tension by showing your relatives these videos, scientifically proven* to get results.

1. This kitten trying to ride a dog.

Everyone can identify with this underdog undercat, even your aunt who came from a rich family and whose idea of "hard work" is going to a Trader Joe's on a Sunday.

2. This pug dancing to "Hotline Bling."


Plus, after you spend 25 minutes trying to explain to your parents what "a Drake" is, everyone will feel hip and in the know.

3.  This baby that's STOKED to see a cat.

This baby is even more excited than you are to pour your next glass of wine.

4. This person running an American Ninja Warrior course in a T-Rex suit.


Enjoy the subsequent conversation where every uncle and male cousin claims "Oh, I could do that."

5. This dog with an underbite learning to use her prosthetic legs.


Any family member who doesn't like this video is literally dead. Oh, shit. Is grandma dead? Check her pulse.

6. This angry baby that will end us all. 

Since this baby is obviously going to take over the world, your family has the opportunity to unite over a common enemy (well, an enemy other than Aunt Liz, who chose to go to Thanksgiving with her husband's family instead of yours).


7. This demonstration of mesmerizingly precise cookie decorating.

This cookie-decorating video is like a safe room for your brain.

8. This confused little girl meeting her little brother for the first time.

Let this video bring you back to a simpler time with your family, a time before your pop pop wanted everyone to vote for Trump.

9. This bird taking a bath in a guy's hands.


Let this bird washing up also wash away your perfect sister's last comment about how she's so happy that she's able to continue her yoga teacher training while pregnant.

10. These tortoises eating tiny pancakes.

If your family can't come together over this, you might need a different type of video entirely...

BONUS VIDEO FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY: Popping a 6-year-old pimple.


Watching this video will either bond your family in disgust or make them want to stay the hell away from you. Either way, it's a win.

* On the Internet, "scientifically proven" means "these videos have gotten a lot of clicks."