Crocodiles. They outlived the dinosaurs. How? Perhaps by being giant scaly sea-to-air missiles.

Nature photographer Trevor Frost was on assignment for Science magazine when he caught this amazing footage of a crocodile launching itself all the way (except for a few feet of tail) straight up out of the water. It does this by turning its whole body and tail into a propeller, and this retroactively makes every movie scene where the hero is dangling above crocodiles 10x scarier. I had previously been under the impression that they were only capable of kind of bending up and backwards to about their belly button. This is at least 10 feet of airborne croc. I used to live on a canal filled with these things, protected by a 6ft concrete drop. I thought I was safe. Turns out they just didn't feel like launching themselves to bite my little head off.

Sources: Trevor Frost