Sebastian Gorka, a White House deputy assistant who was—at one point—going to step down over his ties to Nazi sympathizers, continued his media tour on behalf of Donald Trump on Wednesday night.

As Anderson Cooper grilled him about Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump administration's ties to Russia, Gorka side-stepped and yelled "fake news."

Cooper's response, at time stamp 1:50, feels like it applies to the entire administration.

"I mean, you're like shaking shiny objects trying to divert people," said Cooper. "But I don't think viewers are really that easily diverted."

Gorka then started talking about witches.

"You're actually not answering, because you're not being upfront," said Cooper—before being accused of trailing Nick at Night in the ratings. I'm sorry, but where's the shame in that?

Watch the full video above, if you can handle it. And this one for good measure:


And if you're burnt out, just read this Independent article from May about how Gorka is going to resign imminently. Close your eyes and pretend it happened.

Sources: h/t Huffington Post