Team-building day ends with several team members out of work.

"OK, now one where we don't look like thirsty bloodsuckers."

Six British bankers are out of work after staging a fake ISIS beheading during a team-building exercise. The video was shot during some downtime at Teamworks Karting in Birmingham as the bank's legal workers donned safety gear. One can assume that the balaclavas, the black and bright orange jumpsuits, and the lack of any common sense gave one of the bankers an idea.

The bank-men pose for a short video where the masked few howl and yell "Allahu Ackbar" and brandishing a wooden coat hanger like a knife. Dressed in an ISIS prisoner-of-terror orange jumpsuit, former-moneyman Saf Ahmed kneels on the ground in the video awaiting his fake death. Ha ha ha ha. Man, it's so funny how that go-kart track has jumpsuits and so do the worst group of monsters currently stalking the earth. Ha ha ha.

Sources: The Sun