Cop accidentally leaves voicemail for reporter containing a lengthy discussion of her boobs.

Cop accidentally leaves voicemail for reporter containing a lengthy discussion of her boobs.

Chase Olivarius-McAllister, a Colorado-based reporter for The Durango Herald, called Deputy Sergeant Zach Farnam for some routine crime statistics. 

Except for the fact that this guy has the same haircut Gary Oldman does in 

He missed the call, however, so he called her back. This time around, she missed it, so he left her a voicemail and told her to call back if she still needed information. He put the phone down on the hook, but the phone didn't completely hang up, so the voice message was still recording. Farnam talked to a dog for about 10 seconds, then started discussing what he thought of Olivarius-McAllister's body with another police employee for a painful chunk of time. Here's the actual voicemail, with a transcript of the discussion about Olivarius-McAllister:

Farnam: My wife worked at the Herald. She fucking hated that bitch.

Second, unidentified police officer: She hot?

Farnam: Not hot. I mean, she’s got an OK body. I mean...

Unidentified 1: Giant boobs.

Farnam: Fucking giant, dude. I mean, not like quadruple Ds or anything. But at least a solid set of Ds, probably double Ds.

Unidentified 1: You know what? It’s that UK fish and chips. UK women have big tits. It’s how they’re — how they’re grown over there. I don’t know why.

Second Unidentified Officer: She is, uh...

Undentified 1: Why do they have fucked up teeth? I dunno, but it happens.

Farnam: I didn’t look at her teeth. But she doesn’t have like a real pretty face at all.

Undentified 1: She’s from the UK. She’s got huge tits.

Farnam: Yeah, and her skirt was like seven and a half inches long. And just.. extremely pale white. But, you know...

Unidentified 1: She’s a limey. A UK thing again. She literally grew up on a fucking island that’s always cloudy.

Unidentified 2: I don’t know why you have to be so hard on her.


This is yet another reason why people need to 1) not be sexist 2) stop using voicemails.