A deaf woman from Scotland named Bea sat down for BBC The Social and recorded a sure-thing viral video of all the stupid questions she's had to deal with over her lifetime. And yo, let her tell you, but there are some really stupid ones.

Don't be a Dick to Deaf People

Don't be a 🍆 to deaf people!

Posted by BBC The Social on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's like common sense is a sixth sense and most people don't have it.

In her video, titled "Don't be a dick to deaf people!" Bea graciously encourages people to "please go ahead" and ask her questions. But... just not the following ones (many of which aren't even questions, just bone-headed statements):


"Oh but you're too pretty to be deaf!"

"How do deaf people have babies?"

"How do deaf people have sex?"


"Can deaf people drive?"

"You can speak?"

"You speak so well."

And everyone's favorite: "Is it normal that I have a fetish for deaf people?"

Sources: h/t Mashable