A Japanese livestreamer named Daasuke started a house fire in the middle of recording a video. He had been broadcasting a session of playing Minecraft when he decided to smoke a cigarette and show the Internet his new "oil-match lighter." I'm not quite sure what it is, and disastrously, neither did Daasuke. It appears to be a lighter that you can strike matches on? In any case, Daasuke first loads it up with lighter fluid, and then strikes a match on it. If you guessed what happened next, congrats on being brighter than Daasuke. The whole thing catches fire. He then tries to extinguish the flames, but ends up throwing a flaming piece of paper into more paper. Soon enough, the whole thing escalates to full-on house fire. Start the video at 4:45 for the beginning of the end.

Sources: BGR | Kotaku