The OWN network just rereleased this old clip of Ivanka Trump showing off her apartment and the things she "couldn't live without" on The Oprah Show in 2007, and, boy, is it a doozy.

The segment originally aired about a decade ago, so it is pre-Jared Kushner, pre-President Trump, and pre-book tour. But she is definitely the same ol' Ivanka. As she shows you her "humble" Trump Park Avenue abode filled with expensive knick-knacks, she definitely struggles to seem like the relatable "hard-working" woman she tries so desperately to embody, and comes off more like a spoiled rich kid who has no idea how the other half lives.


So basically, not too much has changed in the last 10 years.

Among the things Ivanka Trump can't live without:

  • a backgammon table
  • board games still in the plastic
  • a garbage can with a monkey on it
  • a lot of fresh cut flowers
  • expensive jewelry
  • chapstick (same, though.)

Apparently Ivanka would cease to exist if she doesn't have hundreds of dollars of flowers in her apartment each day.


Rich people— they're nothing like us!