Have you done your taxes yet? Yeah, me neither. So I think we both have some idea of how nerve-wracked the general American populace is in the final weeks leading up to April 15. Most of us are just waiting for some last-minute proof that President Trump hasn't paid the IRS a dime in the past ten years, so that we can righteously claim we're, uh, "protesting" when we fail to file on time.

Anyway, this culture of anxiety and fear is something phone scammers love to exploit, which is why around this time of year you might get a suspicious-sounding call from someone threatening you with arrest for fraud and demanding your personal information. This scheme sometimes works and often doesn't, but the one time it's sure to go badly is when you accidentally call a cop like Officer Roder of the Eau Claire Police Department, who took the time to call back and politely interrogate the guy on the other end. Although we only get his increasingly panicked voice, you can practically hear him sweat through it all.


Officer Roder received an urgent phone call from the IRS on his cell phone this morning. He was told he was going to be arrested if he did not call back right away! So... we called them back. Officer Roder used his interrogation skills to scam the scammer. See what happened! (He is a trained professional -- do not try this at home.)

Posted by Eau Claire Police Department on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The best part, aside from the dude giving two different fake names, is that as the clip went viral, everyone else shared their own stupid phone scammer story.

Does anybody really fall for this kind of thing? I guess a sucker is born every minute. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to wire some money to this Nigerian Prince who just emailed me about legal troubles with his $43 million inheritance.