Until recently, Natasha Exelby was just a news anchor for local Australian station ABC News 24. But after her on-air shock-gasm went massively viral, she now moonlights as the human emoji for "gasp."

The daydreaming anchor gave a public face to the following scenario:

  • You get to work.
  • You check your email.
  • You stare at your nails a little bit—

The clip went viral immediately, with nearly 2 million views from sympathetic slackers. At least some of them, you have to imagine, were caught by their own bosses while watching the clip, creating an endless cycle of perpetual shock-gasms.


People loved her reaction, because she is all of us. This first guy made it weird.

Aren't you glad you don't work on camera?

UPDATE 4/10:

According to a report from the Daily Telegraph on Monday, the hilarious viral moment actually ended up costing Natasha Exelby her job—the network has reportedly "banned the newsreader from playing any future on-air role." Here's to the social media backlash sure to come for the network after that decision. May it earn Exelby another chance at doing her job more boringly.


UPDATE 4/11:

According to the Guardian, Exelby will not be fired. "Live television is a demanding art and slip-ups will happen—our presenters are humans, not robots," said ABC director of news, Gaven Morris. He denied reports that she was ever fired.