Why worry about your beach body when you can cover it up?

Wow, these look good on everyone. (via AboveAverage)

Do you avoid the beach because you're ashamed of your less-than-perfect physique? Would you rather climb into a coffin full of snakes than allow other human beings see you in a bathing suit? Have you ever wanted to leave the house wearing a giant blanket? You're in luck! Beach Onesie is here to save you from the waking nightmare of showing a beach-full of people your body.

They're having fun because they are TOTALLY COVERED UP. (via AboveAverage)

Sure, these McCarthy Genius Grant-worthy onesies are a creation of the comedy writers at Above Average, but I really wish they existed. I mean, what I really wish is that I could go to the beach and just be completely invisible, but Harry Potter won't let me borrow his cape thingy. Until then, here's the full video for the brilliant Beach Onesies:

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