The Internet is full of weirdly relaxing yet mesmerizing videos. From whispering women giving people head tingles in ASMR tutorials to just-slightly louder women unboxing gadgets, one of the surprising things the Web has taught us is that humans love to watch other humans calmly do stuff. Especially when they do stuff very well (like these Japanese carpenters). This video from SweetAmbsCookies is exactly that. SweetAmbs, or "Amber" as people call her, is really good at making gourmet cookies with intricate icing designs. This video is entitled "Mason Jar Cookies with Burlap and Lace!" and except for the exclamation mark, it is exactly accurate. The whole thing is underscored by Boccherini's "String Quartet in E," aka "The Fancy Song," and in addition to being gorgeous, the whole thing is like a sugar-laced Xanax.