Never has a 60-second prank video had a more appropriate soundtrack.

If you've ever met someone who has lived in California, or anywhere In-N-Out burger restaurants exists, they've probably bragged to you about how they have In-N-Out and your area doesn't. If you meet people who have visited California and tasted this apparently unforgettable meat patty (I've had them and somehow avoided contracting In-N-Out fever), many of them will bemoan their unfortunate fate of living away from this fast food franchise. Being just north of California, it makes sense that the denizens of Eugene, OR (pop: 159,190) would be especially susceptible to burger envy. So, when a sign appeared next to an abandoned Wendy's announcing a new In-N-Out "Coming Soon," everyone—including the local TV stations—rushed to cover it.

Sources: Eugene Makerspace Timelapsinator | h/t Digg