Solid close-up magic like this would have earned him a flaming pyre 500 years ago.

I'm generally not one to point fingers at people and accuse them of being under the sway of dark, otherworldly forces of preternatural evil. That said, this German teenager magician might be working with something a little bit more powerful than an unusual degree of finger dexterity.

I mean, look at that coin! It vanishes, and then it reappears! Do you have an explanation for that?! I don't, and I'm afraid!

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that he's necessarily breaking the rules of our physical universe via magic or anything silly like that. It's entirely possible that he's somehow creating tiny, short-term wormholes that bend time and space long enough for him to transport a coin from one hand into an ethereal plane and back into another hand. That's all.

Sources: Moritz Mueller