Jade Helm 15 was supposed to start this weekend, by the way. Last I heard the military hadn't invaded Texas and set up death camps. YET.

If you don't know what Jade Helm 15 is, congrats. You've been walking around without a big hunk of stupid occupying space your brain. To put it simply, the conspiracy Internet, led by Alex Jones, think that Obama, the military, and FEMA are setting up death camps in Walmarts so that they can swiftly take over Texas and other conservative states and lay the groundwork for Obama's dictatorial third term. YUP. Even Texas's Governor, Greg "I'm Here To Make Rick Perry Look Smart" Abbot bought into it. And this guy, Kris Martin, a nursing student and former Army medic residing in San Angelo, TX, accidentally trolled the living crap out of them (while delighting everyone else) with his intentionally stupid but wildly popular video "proving" ninja soldiers are coming for us.