Silly ignorance parade comes to a satisfying stand-still.

Confederate flags are on their way out, but that hasn't stopped a few proud Southern men (it's always men) from flying the increasingly-rare battle flag. Dalton, Georgia was the sight of a Confederate Flag Parade to offer counter-programming to Pride weekend, of course. The participants, however, seem way more scared than proud to take part.

The parade is more like a high speed funeral procession. Fitting, as this dumb, shameful flag is finally being laid to rest. The police have blocked off the street for this celebration of the stars and bars. Our intrepid cameraman is stuck at a gas station as police block the road, but everyone seems pretty eager to get this pointless exercise of a parade over with. No parade goes down the street at 35 miles per hour, the floats would be rent asunder! These proud pick-up truck owners must be scared of their now-precious flags being torn down by a roving posse of Bree Newsomes.

Sources: Gawker