A controversial new video shows the man who may have the world's largest wang. (Super duper NSFW)

We've never seen a 4-logo-long penis before.
We've never seen a 4-logo-long penis before.

In the last week, the Internet has fallen in love with the story of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the 52-year-old Mexican man who claims he has a 19-inch penis. In our first report, we told you how Cabrera says his enormous organ has ruined his life, preventing him from getting a job or a girlfriend, and making it impossible for him to even kneel in church.

Despite his woes, many suspected that Cabrera was making up his whole story. His only proof was an X-ray image that not everyone found convincing. Hoping to settle this raging mystery, TMZ has obtained exclusive video of Cabrera posing and pulling off all sorts of playful antics with his giant tube. Here's the video – be forewarned that it's pretty graphic, although the penis is wrapped in some sort of cock sock (more like a windsock).

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