Procrastination is something a lot of people share, but letting a bump grow on the top of your head for 20 years is some real next-level delaying. This woman who came into Dr. Sandra "Pimple Popper" Lee's office did exactly that, and as a result of her long wait, the cyst formed a bone-like shell around itself. Not that there's any reason to judge this woman—having a cyst on your head is a tad embarrassing, and you might hope that a decade or so would be enough for it to clear up.

Full disclosure: although there's lots of good popping action (especially in the first 2 minutes and around 4:45), there's also a fair amount of blood after about 3:30. On the other hand, Dr. Lee also removes the bone-like calcified sac that's developed over decades, and that's pretty neat! Even if it does make your head tingle with panic.