The 9 most sociopathic pranks of 2015.

The 9 most sociopathic pranks of 2015.

YouTube pranks can be pretty funny—that is, when they're actually pranks and not psychologically damaging to the people being pranked. Not everyone understands that, and every year, a bunch of people take it too far, making the Internet collectively groan. Here are the best worst pranks of 2015, which will make you yearn for the simple days of whoopie cushions and snap gum.

1. Roman Atwood fooling his wife into thinking that he killed their son.

This video is the holy grail of evidence to use in a divorce proceeding.  

2. This Cambodian talk show that fooled a 13-year-old into thinking that she'd be reunited with her estranged mom.

The prank starts at around 7:50. She starts crying when she hears the news. It turns out that it was just a man in drag, which leads to the most painfully uncomfortable few minutes of television ever seen.  

3. These delinquents who super-glued a woman's hand to her front door. 

The 9 most sociopathic pranks of 2015.

Two teenage boys put superglue on a U.K. woman's door handle, and when she tried to open the door, her hand got so stuck that firefighters and paramedics had to come. They couldn't get it off the handle, so they had to remove the handle from the door and take her to the hospital. Doctors finally got it off, but she only got home at 4 a.m. and now feels unsafe about living in her apartment.


Nice one, dudes! So badass!

4. This guy who got his friend to break and enter into a stranger's house.

This guy told his friend that had never been to his house before to come over. He gave him the address to the house across the street, though, and texted his friend that he was playing video games and to just come inside when he arrived.

Judging by the manner in which he ran the heck away, he saw some horrific things in there.


5. This Brazilian prank show that did a crazy ghost prank on the subway.

It seems like Brazil's public transit was cooperative with the prank. Perhaps too cooperative

6. These pranksters who staged a zombie apocalypse.

The kid at 2:22 will be permanently damaged.  

7. Katie Couric convincing James Corden that she basically fell to her death on his show. 


The bodily twitching at the end of the fall adds a nice (and awful) touch.  

8. These friends pranking their Star Wars-obsessed friend into believing that he gets to see the movie early.

They are far more evil than a Sith lord.

9. These Russian comedians who convinced Elton John that he was having a phone call with Vladimir Putin about LGBTQ rights in Russia.

"Haha, let's convince Elton John that progress is happening when it's not!"