Are you gross enough to watch these people get real bugs removed from their ears?

Are you gross enough to watch these people get real bugs removed from their ears?

Before you go any further: are you sure you're up to this? Sure, you've been training all summer by watching people have pimples other growths popped from every part of the body. But it's all been building up to this: the ability to withstand watching 12 people having actual (usually live) bugs removed from their ears canals. What's that? Bring it on? You asked for it. Enjoy!

1. This centipede getting flushed out from a young Iranian boy's ear.

There, that wasn't so bad, right? (Yes, yes it was.)


2. What's one centipede next to a LOT of carpenter ants infesting 12-year-old Shreya Darji's ear in Gujarat, India.

OMFTDG. Apparently, they first tried drowning the ants. Unfortunately, they couldn't get the queen, who was safe inside this girl's head. Not to worry, though, the doctors claimed, “the big ants must be biting her, but the girl did not feel pain inside her ears. Besides, there was no damage inside her ear.” Oh, well, no nightmares then!

3. More centipede.

This centipede made its home in the ear of Grant Botti, 14, who pulled the 4" monster out by himself. Apparently, it was just probing the outside when he woke up, but latched on when he grabbed it.


4. Here's another critter evicted via antiseptic flooding. Guess what comes out?

It would be scary to find this in your bathroom, let alone in a potential pathway to your brain. You're doing great. Keep going.

Time for a break. Let's pull something out of a nose instead.

She named him "Mr. Curly"

24-year-old Daniela Liverani from Edinburgh was taking a shower when she felt something twitching in her sinuses. Daniela had been having nosebleeds, which she chalked up to a blood clot following a motorcycle accident. But when she looked up her nose in the mirror, she discovered "Mr. Curly," a 3-inch leech. She somehow stayed calm enough to go to the emergency room instead of simply dying on the spot from shock. They had to yank him out with nasal forceps. She's fine, but sadly, "Mr. Curly" is dead.


5. Back to ears, how about a dead beetle?

When this dude felt a bug crawl into his head, he poured saltwater in after it and assumed it crawled back out. PSA: NEVER JUST ASSUME A BUG HAS LEFT YOUR EAR. He lived with that creature in there for a whole month until its dead body caused a secondary infection. What you see being pulled out is both the dead bug and a month's worth of infection debris. In a way, that bug is like most of us: whenever you move out of a place, it always feels like you're leaving with more than you came in with.


6. Even more live centipede!

What can we say? They love human ear homes.

7. Grab a ginger ale before this one, a motherfucking cricket BEHIND a wall of earwax. It's a barfy two-fer.

TFW you want to get a cricket out of your ear but the doctor can't pull it out until he removes a putrefying ball of wax. We've all been there. The earwax comes out just before the 4 min mark. The cricket comes out after. ALIVE. How did it get in there? How did it stay alive? What does the fact that you watched the whole thing say about you as a person?


8. This man reacts appropriately when a "fuckin' moth" flies in his "fuckin' ear."

"This is fucked up, dude. I can hear him fuckin' fluttering in my head." Instead of going to the doctor, these dudes just grab some tweezers and fish the damn thing out themselves. They snatch the winged bugger just after the 3:30 mark.

9. June bug "makes it around the corner" of scared guy's ear.

A June bug flies into this dude's ear during a poker game, and he (appropriately) freaks the eff out like he hasn't just seen eight other ear bug videos in a row. He goes to the ER, but they couldn't help and he had to wait a whole weekend before getting to see a specialist, who quickly removes it at around the 2:00 mark. It's an important lesson: if you're going to get a bug in your ear, do it on a Monday.


10. A fly made a little ear nest and laid some eggs right in thurr.

Hard to say what's more remarkable about this incident: that a fly managed to lay a butt load of eggs in a man's ear in only one hour, or that the extraction video was set to Mozart.

11. Ant + eggs = another disgusting video.

This dude lived in pain as an ant bit his eardrum, but he eventually got revenge by killing it with tobacco leaf water. He went to the doctor to get the critter removed, and they found some nice little eggs in there too. Of note: this is definitely the most translucent eardrum we've seen so far, we can almost see his anguished brain!


12. And finally, a big ass roach inside the ear of a tiny girl.

The roach flew into her ear while she was doing some late night studying. Apparently, this girl has some ear problems and sinusitis, which causes "diffuse otitis externa," which in turn produces a smell that attracts insects looking to lay eggs. Keep those ears squeaky clean, people.

You did it! You made it all the way to the end!

As your reward, here is a bonus video of an in-ear fungus infestation. Is fungus a bug? No.

Notice how the hearing doctor speaks so softly? Its like you're dreaming in a cocoon that has been created inside the ear of a terribly unlucky person.