Someone's in for an uncomfortable meeting with the station head, Mr. Yoo So Fired.

Someone just achieved their dream—more specifically, the dream they had in 5th grade before anyone tried to explain sensitivity to them. I want to call out the fact that this is really immature, pretty racist, probably old jokes, and definitely disrespectful of the victims, especially since KTVU is a news station for San Francisco/Oakland where the crash happened. (By the way, the video of the newscaster reading it is below—it's hilarious.) At the same time, I'm forced by the immutable laws of comedy to admit that I legitimately laughed out loud. I'm really happy any time someone actually tricks newscasters into saying things outside of Anchorman. It also was a South Korean flight, so it's kind of hard not to write racist names while trying to write an already-offensive, highly-insensitive joke. As our friend Mike Hunt pointed out, it's not totally impossible to make offensive jokes out of English names, either.

Sources: Redditor xriddle | YouTube SuperNatty121