This is the story of a man named Robin who thought it would be funny to send his friend Rich a naked photo of himself. Robin was right. It was funny. It was even funnier, though, when Rich then shared that photo with their 7 friends, who teamed up to play an elaborate prank on Robin at Rich's birthday. At least, that's the story related by redditor FelixJMorgan, who posted this video today saying he was the camera person. 

So it's a mutual friends bday (Rich), and the guy in the picture sent it to rich like a week ago just because he thought it was funny (British people are weird). Rich then shared it with our group of 7 people (who all know the guy but he wasn't in the chat) and we escalated it from there. He responded really well tbf, good times. (via)

...He sent it to rich but didn't really care where it went (bantz), rich then sent it to everyone without him knowing, we then printed t-shirts and tattoos and showed it back to him. (via)

Sources: redditor felixjmorgan