On Thursday, Twitter announced that it is killing its Vine mobile app, the revolutionary video sharing platform that turned a bunch of 19-year-olds into stars in 2013, six seconds at a time. Then it was killed by Instagram and Snapchat. But although it's tempting to write off Vine as a flash in the pan (because it was), there was a golden age when it gave some incredibly funny nuggets of video to the world. So to remember Vine as it was, here are the funniest Vines of all time.

1. The guy who hit the sign.

2. This duck nightmare.

3. For Halloween, the girl who loves her freakin' bats.

4. 'Hello' doggie.

5. The overzealous FBI agent.

6. Will Sasso and his lemon.

7. This guy who still doesn't know he's famous.

8. This jerk.

9. HRC singing in a clip she wishes she could delete.

10. This Swiss Army wiener dog.

11. This heroic dad.

12. This evil dad.

13. The politest kid in the world.

And as an honorable mention, here is a compilation of Ryan McHenry's classic series "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal."