Comedian John Caparulo, who frequently appeared on Chelsea Lately, found himself on the wrong end of a shattered glass after making a dick joke about President Donald Trump.

The dick joke was about the Washington Monument:

Somebody got paid to design that shit? It's a fucking pencil. That shit, it's just a big fucking cement pencil. Some people think it looks like a dick, but I think they're saving that design for Trump's monument.

Warning: The following clip is riddled with NSFW language and adrenaline.


The altercation began when the heckler yelled "fuck you." John Caparulo returned the favor, before asking, "What, am I the first person to dislike Trump? Oh my god, I must have invented disliking Donald Trump... On your way out, remember, you can suck my balls..."

As the crowd applauded, the heckler threw a glass at Caparulo, who briefly picked up a stool and seemed to consider retaliating. He then regained his composure and continued his set.


"That hurt a little bit. I'll admit it. That hurt."

According to TMZ, "the woman left the club without any further incident."