Michigan judge John McBain came down from his bench to help a court officer tackle an unruly defendant to the ground, showing him the true iron fist of justice.


The incident occurred back in December of 2015, but the video just recently starting circulating the internet.

According to ABC News, the defendant landed back in court when he violated a personal protection order. In the video, you can hear the judge say, "I told you, just leave her alone. She clearly has no interest in seeing you." The defendant responded, "I want her to tell me to leave her alone."


The commotion starts at 2:25.

At first the defendant was going to be let off with a warning, but as he and Judge McBain squabbled, the warning was changed to three days in county jail, followed by 45 days, then to 93, and finally to one year behind bars. As the court officer tried to handcuff the inmate, the defendant started to wriggle away, prompting badass Judge McBain to rip off his robe and throw down.


Move over, Judge Judy. Judge John McBain needs his own daytime court room show.