Linzey Rae, a vocalist for the Denver-based metal band The Anchor, created this hilarious, insane, and surprisingly action-packed cooking video, "Metal Kitchen," on Dec. 31st with her band. In this very metal cooking tutorial, Rae sings (unless "metals" is a verb, in which case she metals) her recipe for Shepherd's Pie over a video of her preparing it while a (metal) fire breaks out and her (metal) cat wanders around.

The Ghost Inside Makes Shepard's Pie

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Posted by The Anchor on Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Anchor members have been surprised by the video's popularity, but were extra pleased since it was created to raise funds for The Ghost Inside, a metalcore band that suffered a tour bus crash in November. As they mention online to people who were skeptical that Rae was vocalizing, the sound was recorded separately from the video and is a little off at points. Here's an Instagram video of Rae recording in the studio under more normal settings.


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If you're really hungry now, remember that this is a stove-top-only recipe. You can't mix microwaves with metal. You can download the song here, though.

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